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Where Kids Eat Free in Orlando With Good Grades

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It’s report card time, and that means that, hopefully, all of our little ones are bringing home good grades. They try hard, and they earn those A’s and B’s. And shouldn’t they be rewarded? A lot of places think so. Here is a list of places kids eat free in Orlando by showing their report cards. However, keep in mind that not all locations may be participating in any given promotion.

kids eat free orlando

Krispy Kreme

For each A that your child receives, they can get a free donut.


If your child has straight A’s, they get either a free happy meal (kindergarten through 5th grade) or a free value meal (6th through 12th grade).


If your child has straight A’s and B’s, they can earn a free 8 pack of nuggets or a free ice cream cone.


If you have A’s and B’s on your report card, show it to them before you order. You should get a treat.

Baskin Robbins

Bring in your report card to get a free scoop of ice cream.

Marco’s Pizza

From June 1st to June 30th, all students, including college kids, get a free one topping pizza if they have an A on their report cards.

Pizza Hut

If your elementary or middle school child earns 3 A’s on their report card, they’ll also earn a free personal pan pizza and drink. This offer is for dine-in only.


For older children, State Farm, Progressive, Esurance, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, and Geico all offer discounts for student drivers with at least a 3.0/B average.

What free treat do you plan to get for your kids?

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