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Fun Things to do at Sunset Walk with Kids

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Have you heard of Sunset Walk? It is a fun outdoor entertainment area located next to Margaritaville Resort. This destination is one of the most fun places in Orlando to be!  Packed full of activities for adults, families, and kids, it’s easy to spend a day exploring everything that Sunset Walk has to offer. 

Once you arrive, there really won’t be any reason to leave. If you can plan on spending an entire afternoon or full day at Sunset Walk, you still won’t be able to do or see everything that there is to do there. 

All of these fun options listed below are available to do and are certain to be fun. Plan an awesome staycation or day outing and see what all the talk about Sunset Walk is about! 

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Things to do at Sunset Walk with Kids

Here are some of the best things to do at Sunset Walk no matter what time of year you’re going.

Grab a tasty bite to eat

With over 10 great restaurants to choose from at Sunset Walk, there is no reason that you can’t spend all day taste-testing your way through some really delicious food. This is a great way to try some new flavors that you might not have been exposed to before. No matter if you want a burger or a or even some fine dining options, there are so many places to choose from here. Love Latin cuisine, you’ll want to hit up Estefan’s Kitchen. For some Asian inspired flavors, try Bento Asian Kitchen and Sushi. Grab some British treats at Yeoman’s Cask and Lion.

There are delicious options for kids and adults and a fun way to plan a fun dinner outing! 

Play some games

Drop into Game Time at Sunset Walk and play some fun arcade games. Game Time has over 100 new and retro arcade games, prize machines and other interactive games. Kids having so much fun, they don’t to leave? You can also order food and drinks inside Game Time, making it perfect for an afternoon out.

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Spend the day at the the Water Park

Load up the kids and get ready to spend all day at the Island H2O Water Park, having a blast. From racing to rapids, this day is certain to be jam-packed full of fun. But beware, you just might not want to leave. Arrive early and plan on staying late so that the kids (and you!) can have a full day full of water park fun! 

Make sure you pack plenty of sunscreen and floaties for the kids!

Watch a Movie

Stop in at Studio Movie Grill to take in a movie with the kids. You can also grab something to eat while watching the movie. They offer burgers, sandwiches and salads. They also offer yummy desserts and milkshakes, as well as cocktails for adults.

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Attend a Live Event

When I say that there is ALWAYS something going on at Sunset Walk, it’s true! Their calendar of events is jam-packed full of fun live events that will keep everyone entertained. From live music to classic car shows, there is something to be found almost on a weekly basis to see and explore. 

Walk along the Promenade for a beautiful sunset walk

The views at the Promenade are quite stunning and make for a simple way to catch the sunset on a daily basis. Since there are wonderful views all around the property, there’s no reason that you can’t catch the sunset on a lovely night stroll. 

Challenge the kiddos to find the perfect “sunset view” and have fun stretching your legs. 

Make it a weekend trip

Who says that your visit to Sunset Walk has to be just for the day? If you’re wanting to make it a weekend trip, you can easily book a night or two at the Margaritaville Hotel! This would give you and the family plenty of time to walk around and check out all the sights.

Not to mention, a hotel stay is always fun. If you’re needing a bigger space, there are full cottages available for rent, too. 

Which of these things to do at Sunset Walk are you looking forward to the most? 


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