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National Book Month and a Fun New Book for Kids

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It is National Book Month, and a great time to encourage reading in your kids. I love that with books kids can use their imaginations. Instead of being shown a scene or characters, they get to use the book’s description to determine how the characters and settings look to them. They can imagine themselves going on the adventure or the quest; they become a part of the story.

I know that not every kid likes to read. You’ve probably heard that books are boring and that TV, computers, phones are a lot more fun. Trust me, I have heard this too, especially from my older child. But with a few tricks, you can get your non-reader to be interested in books or your reader to love books even more.

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Here are a few ways we recommend getting kids to love books:

  1. Take them to the library and let them pick out books (or select them online and get them delivered to the house in Orange County)
  2. Start a book club, so that they can read with their friends.
  3. Have a book swap, so they can read books their friends also found fun.
  4. Encourage any kind of reading including graphic novels and comic books.
  5. Find books on topics that are interesting to them such as super-heroes or Greek mythology.
  6. Get the book to a movie that they already love.

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Book Recommendations

My son is 6 and one of his favorite books is What Would Danny Do? He also loves Dog Man and Bad Kitty books and Captain Underpants has become a recent favorite.

My daughter is 11 and just loves Harry Potter and Percy Jackson, as well as The Kingdom Keepers and The Land of Stories. If you are looking for similar type books, check out the list of books here: 15 Books Like Harry Potter.

We recently received a new book that we thought would be perfect your younger kids for National Book Month. The book is called Zoey’s Adventures to the Ice Cream Shop.

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What is the book about?

Zoey is a pup who desperately wants her “mommy” to take her to the Ice Cream Shop on National Ice Cream Day. More than anything she wants to get a couple of delectable scoops of ice cream to eat.

First thing in the morning, Zoey asks for ice cream, but is told to wait until later. She asks again at lunch and receives the same answer. She asks again for dinner, but is still unable to go. Finally, after dinner, Zoey is able to go to the ice cream shop and has her dessert.

Review of the book

The book is a fun and easy read for kids, or for an adult to read to them. I also like the lesson that is in the book, to have patience. You might not get things right away when you ask or when you want them but have patience, and if mom or dad promised to give it you, you will eventually receive it. This is definitely a lesson that many kids, my son included need to learn (and I will be using this book to help reinforce it).

Where can you purchase the book?

The book can be purchase online at

What does the book cost?

The book costs $12.99 per copy.

Who is the author?

The author of Zoey’s Adventures to the Ice Cream Shop is Ilene Lieber. Ilene is a local Orlando area resident and, you guessed it, she has a dog named Zoey.

Are there any other fun books that you are looking forward to reading with your kids during National Book Month?

We received a free copy of Zoey’s Adventures to the Ice Cream Shop to facilitate this review, but all opinions are our own.

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