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Joining a Pirate Crew: Review of the Legoland Pirate Hotel

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Your kids want to run off and join a pirate crew? Well, then take them for a stay at Legoland’s Pirate Island Hotel where they can be immersed in a world of swashbuckling fun for a couple of days.

My crew and I headed over to visit the Pirate Island Hotel last week. Legoland has three hotels: The Legoland Hotel,  Pirate Island Hotel and the Beach Retreat. The first two hotels are located together near the park, while the third is in a separate complex a couple of minutes from the park.

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Entering the Hotel Complex

Parking is included for those staying over at the hotel, so when you get to the booths at the entrance to the park, keep to the far left where it says hotel guests. They will check off your name on a list and give you a parking pass. You can then proceed to the front entrance of the hotels (it is one common entrance) and drop off additional guests and luggage or park the car and bring your bags to the front; whichever works best for you.visit legoland

The Legoland Pirate Island Hotel

As mentioned before, The Legoland Hotel and Pirate Island Hotel share a common entrance and lobby. You can check in at the kiosks in the lobby or at the front desk.

Note: The lobby is not pirate themed. The pirate theming begins once you enter the corridor by the lobby leading into Pirate Island Hotel.

Once we left the lobby and entered Pirate Island Hotel, my kids were entranced. You are now fully immersed in a pirate world. There is pirate theming everywhere, including on the walls, in the elevators, the restaurant and the rooms. It was quite fun going up and down the elevator, listening to pirate shanties and  a recorded pirate voice talking to us. When we would get to our floor, it would ask if we were sure this was our floor(but in more pirate speak).

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What are the rooms like at the Legoland Pirate Hotel?

The rooms continue the pirate theming with pirate throws, curtains and wallpaper. The room is divided in two with an area for the adults with a king bed and then an area for the kids with two bunk beds. Both areas have their own TV and the kids area also has a Lego wall and Lego bricks for building. The kids really enjoyed this.

In addition to the Lego wall, there were a couple of other fun activities for the kids to do in the room. There is a scavenger hunt on the wall to count the amount of bananas around the room and then there is  a second scavenger hunt where the kids need to find the amount of different items around the room. Once they solve the puzzle, the get the code to the treasure box and claim their booty. I really loved that there was an actual prize for the kids to claim and that it was something they could do together in the room while I was taking a little break.

Also, important to note is that every room has a mini fridge. If you are looking to save on park/hotel food, this is definitely useful. There is a Publix across the street, where you can pick up some drinks and snacks before heading to the hotel. Each floor also has a microwave, so I would recommend wrapping up any leftovers you might have at the end of a meal to eat at a later time.

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What else is there to do at the Legoland Pirate Island Hotel?

Pirate Island Hotel has a pirate pool where you can go swimming when not at the park. They also have fun daily activities every evening from 4pm on. The activities are offered by the Pirate Stage, which for adults is conveniently located next to the bar. On the weekends, you can also participate in activities at The Legoland Hotel as well.

The kids and I participated in a fun game of bingo, which was done with pictures, instead of numbers. They also had a finish the story game, similar to mad libs, trivia, build your ship challenge and ends with story time. You are also able to sign your kids up for a Master Builder Workshop where they can build the mini Lego set of the day. The options while we were there was a flower planter one day and skateboarding kids another day.

You are also able to use the facilities at The Legoland Hotel which include another pool, a castle themed play center, a giant Lego column and large Lego boards for building.

Outside of the hotel there is a mini golf course and a boardwalk to walk along Lake Eloise. At night, in the cooler months, you can purchase s’mores from the front desk to make outside at the fire pit.

legoland pirate island hotel

What is there to eat at the Legoland Pirate Hotel?

Meals at the hotel are served in the Shipwreck Restaurant. Reservations are required. Both meals are served family style. Breakfast is included in your room rate, and includes a platter of breakfast favorites, including sausage, eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes and biscuits and gravy along with coffee, tea and juice.

You are also able to order your own individual skillets with toppings, such as a Florentine skillet with spinach and cheese for an additional price.

For dinner, you have a choice of two family platters, The Pirate Platter – a BBQ themed platter with ribs, chicken, sausage, pulled pork and baked beans and The Seadog Skillet – a surf and turf platter with steak, pork tenderloin, chicken, shrimp, blackened fish and rice pilaf. Both platters are also served with mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and seasonal vegetables. If you do not eat meat, there is a plant-based menu that you can order from which features vegan meatloaf, cauliflower steaks and grille teriyaki tofu and broccoli.

Dinner also comes with salad and fresh bread before the main course and a chocolate chip cookie skillet at the end. The vegan/dairy free option is a chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows for dipping. Dinner includes soft drinks for your crew.

Both breakfast and dinner are all you can eat, so you can ask your server to bring you more of your favorites.

If you have an allergy, let your server know upfront and they will have the chef come out to discuss your options. My daughter has a dairy allergy, so for dinner they subbed out roasted potatoes and gave her vegan mac and cheese. At breakfast, they gave her and individual platter of food, including gluten free pancakes that are made sans buttermilk.

COVID-19 precautions

The hotel takes your temperature when you arrive at the hotel.

Only one family at a time is allowed on elevators.

There are hand sanitizer stations throughout the hotel.

The Lego bricks in the common area are sanitized with a cleansing solution throughout the day.

Reservations are required for meals in order to prevent over-crowding.

Go or No Go

You might think that Legoland is too close by Orlando to spend the night, which is what I thought as well before staying over. Pirate Island Hotel, however, is a lot of fun and is definitely worth a night or two. Your kids will thank you!

I was provided with a free night stay as a part of a media event for the “Grand Opening” of the hotel in order to facilitate this review, but as always all opinions are my own.

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