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Kiddie Gyms in the Orlando Area

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Sure, you know that your little one needs to burn off some energy. The park is great, but there are grass stains to contend with. So what do you do? Find a kiddie gym! Kiddie gyms are great places for kids to exercise, work on gross and fine motor skills, socialize, and most of all, burn off some energy, where there are other kids, and great activities.

There are three big franchises – My Gym, Little Gym, and Gymboree – and two of them have branches in Orlando. In addition, there are gymnastics centers that have programs for younger children.


My Gym

Classes at My Gym start at 6 weeks, and go all the way to 10 years old. My Gym focuses more on movement, games, and group activities than some other gyms. That means that there will be activities and larger set pieces than some other gyms use. It also means that the play will be more structured than others. Some parents and children love this, and others prefer more unstructured activities. My Gym is set up using toys and activity stations, such as slides, trampolines, and swings, along with basketball hoops and rock climbing walls.

My Gym Orlando
7551 West Sand Road, Orlando, FL

My Gym Waterford Lakes
11555 Lake Underhill Road, Waterford Lakes, FL
(321) 422-4888

My Gym Maitland
473 South Orlando Avenue, Maitland, FL
(321) 214-9363

Gymboree Play and Learn

Classes at Gymboree are more limited than at other gyms – the classes only go from 0-5. The focus is also different; in addition to movement classes, Gymboree has music and art classes for little kids. The movement classes focus, in part, on games and activities that develop motor skills. Gymboree focuses its play and learn classes – which are its movement classes – around gymnastic equipment and soft climbables, such as ramps and stairs.

Gymboree also has music and art classes for children under the age of 5. The art classes use a variety of media, from paints to sculpture, to encourage children ages 18 months to 5 years to create and express themselves. The music classes, which run from 6 months to 5 years, teach children about different music styles, and encourage them to sing, dance, and play instruments.

Gymboree Play and Music, Waterford Lakes
448 S. Alafaya Trail, Suite 3, Orlando, FL
(407) 277-2567

A Kids Gym

A Kid’s Gym is a full-service gymnastics academy that features a cheer and dance team. With classes for children aged 6 months to 14 years old, the gym has many different classes. For younger children, they focus on gross motor skills, encouraging kids to climb and jump, with parent help. There are also gymnastics classes for younger children that focus on basic skills, and for older children that works with them on advanced gymnastics skills. Because A Kid’s Gym is primarily a gymnastics school, most of the gym equipment for the kids is gymnastics-focused, such as balance beams, bars, and mats.

A Kid’s Gym
1495 Evans St., #400, Oviedo, FL

Are you planning to take your kids to a program at one of the gyms?

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