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Fun Things To Do With Kids at Florida Mall

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When the summer heat and daily rains put a damper on your activities, walking around the Florida Mall can be a great alternative to your usual kid friendly spots.  I know I definitely have my go to places I like to take my daughter to, but when the summer comes, I find myself always looking for indoor activities to avoid the heat, humidity, and daily rains. Here are nine things to do at the Florida Mall with your kids.

Due to the Coronavirus, some of these places may be closed or have limited hours so be sure to check their websites for the most up to date info on hours of operation.  

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American Girl Store

Does your child love dolls?  If so, the American Girl Store is the perfect place.  Between the Doll Salon, Store and Bistro, you could spend almost all day there.  My daughter is not quite into American Girl yet, so I can’t speak personally, but online their offerings look pretty fun for kids and their dolls to experience together.  For girls ages 8 years and up, outside of Covid-19, the American Girl Store was offering movie nights, ice cream soda shop mornings, and girl of the year cookie decorating get-togethers.  Unfortunately, these events were all cancelled, but hopefully they will be able to resume one day soon when it’s safe, so do keep an eye out as these are events that sound super fun.    

Great for ages: 3 years and up

Build a Bear

When you go into Build a Bear, be prepared to buy a bear.  This place is super cool for kids and one that every child should probably experience once.  Pick out a bear, then magically add a heart before picking out some bear clothes to dress into.  Next, pick out any special sounds that you want to add like a heart beat or special message before finalizing with accessories.  You will have a fancy and fun bear in no time!  They also offer a special during the month of your child’s birthday where you pay the age the child is turning for their own birthday treat bear!

Great for ages: 3 years and up

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Carlo’s Bakery

If you are looking for a sweet treat for your child while at the Florida Mall and find yourself in the food pavilion, check out Carlo’s Bakery.  If you have ever seen the Cake Boss on tv, now you can try these famous baked goods for yourself!  Known for delicious cakes, pastries, and desserts, your child will definitely find something to try.  The donuts, cannoli’s, and cupcakes are just a few things that they offer.  Be prepared to make some decisions as the bakery counter is long with lots of delightful looking treats.  

Great for ages: 2 years and up

Crayola Experience

If you haven’t been to Crayola Experience, and your kids LOVE to color and be artsy, what are you waiting for?!  From naming your own crayon, to seeing how crayons are made, to making color pages staring your child and more, there are definitely things to see at Crayola that can take up a few hours.  If you have never been, it is great to check out and see at least once.  My daughter loves this place as she can color a design and then see it in action on one of the projectors!

Great for ages: 3 to 10 years old

Disney Store

Now living so close to Disney, one may ask why bother going to the Disney Store?  As a Disney fan, raising a Disney Princess, we find the Disney Store is a must on any trip to the Florida Mall.  While some items may be the same as those found in the parks or at Disney Springs, the Disney Store does offer quite a few things that are different.  My daughter loves going here to see and play with new things she hasn’t seen.  Anything she falls in love with we simply take pictures to be remembered for future holidays or birthday.    

Great for ages: 12 mos and up

Lush: Fresh Homemade Cosmetics 

Now you may be thinking, Lush Cosmetics?  How does this relate to kid fun at the Florida Mall?  Stay with me please.  They have the best bath bombs!  If your child loves a good bath, add a little fun with a bath bomb and watch it fizzle and fancy up the bath!  With different colors and scents, your child can take charge of their bath and feel grown up getting to pick one out.  Plus, you can always peruse for yourself so it’s a win for all.  All of their products are handmade, vegetarian, not tested on animals, and come package free to promote sustainability. 

Great for ages: 2 years and up

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M & M’s World Orlando

With over 7,000 unique items, the M & M World is full of items that you won’t find anywhere else.  The display of M&Ms is also pretty impressive as it is like a giant rainbow of colorful sweets.  There is also a full-size M & M Nascar car and plenty of commemorative gear as well.  If your kid loves meeting characters, keep an eye out for a M&M who meet and greets!

Great for ages: 12 mos and up  

The Play Park

Just outside of the Crayola Store, you can visit the kids play area, The Play Park.  This park is an interactive play area perfect for parent’s needing a rest while the kids are needing some play.  At 3,000 square feet, it is a large space, so definitely keep an eye out, especially on the littles.  From the Story Tunnel and Piano Patio for small kids, to The Talking Flower for kids a little bit older, to The Growing Glass and Electric Maze for 8 to 10 year old’s, there is something for practically every child to find entertaining.  

Great for ages: 6 mos to 10 years old

Shake Shack

If you happen to be in need of lunch at the Florida Mall, I highly recommend Shake Shack!  It is my absolute favorite.  Originating in New York City, this once lone stand, is now nationwide.  Whether you are just wanting to try their delicious homemade milkshakes or one of their amazing burgers with a side of fries, if you are looking for a tasty place to eat on a cheat day, this is the place!  Plus, what child would turn down a milkshake?  Certainly not mine!

Great for ages: 2 years and up

What’s your favorite thing to do at Florida Mall?

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