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Fun Things to do at ICON Park with Kids

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We all need a day of fun right every now and then- and what could be better than a day at one of Orlando’s favorite places for the entire family- ICON Park? Take your kids to this amazing park with great activities and have the best day ever! From a giant Ferris wheel to an entire aquarium to every type of restaurant imaginable- a day at ICON Park will definitely create memories that will last a lifetime with your kids.

Not convinced? Keep reading to learn what to do at ICON Park with kids. You and your family will not be disappointed after spending the day at ICON Park!

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When visiting Orlando, there are so many things to see and do and riding The Wheel is one of those things that you do NOT want to miss! See the city from 400 feet in a beautiful and safe capsule. This giant ICON Park attraction is famous throughout central Florida and is guaranteed to be a hit. For 23 minutes, The Wheel will give you and your family some of Central Florida’s most spectacular views and a lifetime of memories. When you visit ICON Park, you definitely do not want to miss out on riding The Wheel.


Underwater creatures are some of the most unique animals that you can find and at the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, you and your family get to see them up close and personal. Dive Deep as you walk through a 360 degree underwater aquarium and see up close how sharks, stingrays, and sea turtles live. This is a perfect activity for families- your younger kids will love the touch tank featuring starfish and anemones. The SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium is a perfect activity for a fun-filled day.


Sugar Factory is a restaurant that your family is sure to love. Aside from serving decadent burgers and milkshakes, they carry signature treats that are sure to excite anyone (even any picky eaters)! From couture pops that are celebrity-endorsed, to decedent ice cream sandwiches, to the infamous King Kong Sundae with 16 scoops of ice cream, tasty toppings, and sparklers! You cannot visit ICON Park when you are with your kids without a visit to the Sugar Factory.


Remember the hours of fun you used to have in the arcade? Running from game to game, beating high scores and winning awesome prizes? Its time to pass on the tradition to your kids with a fun afternoon at Arcade City. With a variety of games, Arcade City is the perfect spot to play arcade games and have a snack for the afternoon while you sit back and relax with a signature cocktail. Bring out your family’s (friendly) competitive side on games for all ages while you win prizes and create memories at this ICON Park family favorite.

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Looking for an adrenaline rush like no other? Look no further than 7D Dark Ride Adventure! This ride takes you through the ultimate 3D Video by using seven dimensions, including light, wind, sound, motion, smell, and user interaction, to make this first-person shooter game. For older kids, this is the dream activity. For parents, this is the perfect opportunity to connect with your teens. Gather your courage to fight zombies, mad scientists, and robots at 7D Dark Ride Adventure at ICON Park!


Madame Tussauds Orlando is the place for anyone looking to get an impressive selfie. This wax museum will help you impress your friends with pictures of celebrities like Taylor Swift, Albert Einstein, or anyone in the Justice League! This is the perfect location to visit for kids of any age with wax figurines from cartoons like Kung Fu Panda or late-night comedians like Jimmy Fallon- your entire family is sure to have an amazing time!


Time flies when you’re having fun- and so can you! Standing at 450 feet, the new Orlando StarFlyer holds the title of the “world’s tallest swing ride”. Riding up to 45 MPH, sit securely in this unique attraction that your entire family will love! Sit back and relax while you move up and down while rotating around a giant tower. If you and your family are looking for excitement during your visit to ICON park, look no further than the Orlando StarFlyer!

Which attraction at ICON Park are you most interested in?

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