Flying High at iFly Orlando

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I went skydiving last week at Orlando iFly and I totally think you should too; heck, bring the kids. I know, I know, you think I am crazy, you wouldn’t jump out of an airplane yourself, much less take your kids with you. But, what if you could go skydiving inside in a controlled space, would you be willing to give it a shot then?

I have wanted to go skydiving for a long time, but I have just never gotten myself organized to do it. Then one day while checking out the attractions on international drive, I came across iFly (indoor skydiving), and I thought to myself, that looks cool maybe I will try it one day. Just like outdoor skydiving, I hadn’t gotten around to it yet, when iFly Orlando reached out to me asking if I would like to take a flight. I figured it was now or never, so I said yes.

I arrived at iFly Orlando at 11:15 am on a Friday morning, with some trepidation, wondering what I had gotten myself into. It didn’t help that I could see people on their own flights through the glass tube which is visible from the street. I checked myself in and sat down to wait for my 11:30am flight time. At exactly 11:30, the instructor collected the 11:30 group, which consisted of 4 kids, of varying ages, and 3 adults. We got fitted for our flight suit (a very unstylish jumpsuit) and then in my case, I was given sneakers with laces as I only had slip-ons.

Skydiving Training

We were then taken to a small classroom where we watched a short movie (only 4 minutes or so) to teach us how to indoor skydive, including what the right position is for flight and the hand signals that they use in the tunnel. It’s too loud in the tunnel, so you won’t hear anything if they try to talk to you, plus you are wearing earplugs. Our instructor, Ben, came in after the movie to do a quick review of all the signals and tell a few jokes. I have to say, that while skydiving was fun, Ben made the experience even better.

Getting Ready

After our short class, we received our helmets, eye glasses and the earplugs. We were ready to go skydiving! We walked over to the big tube (no better way to describe it) where the flights take place and we entered a little holding area outside. Everyone enters the holding area together and leaves together, so even if you have less flights than others in your group, you won’t leave until they are done.

You purchase a flight package for the amount of flights that you want. All the adults in the group had a two-flight package, while two of the kids had a three-flight package and the other two kids had a five-flight package. Each flight is one minute long, though in the case of those with the five-flight package, they combined them into three flights of 1:40 each. So I know what you’re thinking, because I thought it too; one minute is not a lot of time. It really is. When you are in the tube, that one minute seems a lot longer than when you are on the ground.

The kids went first, one at a time. Then it was the adults turn. Each person entered through a small doorway into the tube and assumed the position. We lay flat on our bellies with our legs out and our palms down. Ben the instructor was in there with us the whole time, giving hand signals if there was anything we needed to change. In my case, he kept telling me to relax. That didn’t happen, but he kept trying. The second flight was better than the first, as I now knew what to expect.

Video of me skydiving

After everyone was done skydiving, Ben did a demo flight, showing us some pretty cool indoor skydiving tricks. After that, we returned all our gear to the check-in desk. The whole experience from start to finish was about an hour. The experience is truly family friendly as kids from age 3 can take part.

They take pictures and videos of you while you are flying. Right after your flight, you can view a video on the monitor set up in the holding area. The videos of your flight and pictures of your flight are available for purchase online.

Pricing for iFly Orlando start at $69 for a two-flight package. Check Costco and Groupon as they might have deals for cheaper flights.

So would I recommend iFly Orlando? Absolutely! I had a great time and I am planning to go back with my 5-year old and 10-year old. I think they will love it.

8969 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 337-4359

I received a complimentary 2-flight package from iFly to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

All skydiving photos and video are courtesy of iFly Orlando.

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