20 of the best products to take to the beach with kids

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Planning a trip to the beach? What a fun family adventure! While you might be tempted to just load up the car and go, it’s important to know that there are a few items that you might want to take. We’ve gathered up 20 of the best products to take to the beach with kids that are certain to make the day tons of fun!

20 of the best products to take to the beach with kids

Here are the 20 products that we recommend taking with you to the beach.

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Bug Spray

It’s hard to believe that there might be pesky bugs at the beach, but packing up a small thing of Bug Spray can make a big difference.


You’ll want to bring a cooler along to keep your drinks cold. This Disney Edition Igloo Cooler, will do just that, but with an added Disney flair.

Fast Drying Towels

When the kids are done and wanting to dry off, no one wants to use a wet towel! These Fast Drying Towels mean that they can easily be used over and over again.

Flip Flops

Wearing Flip Flops is a great way to leave the sand there at the beach, where it belongs.

Float Rings

Float Rings can be a great way to let them sit in the water and feel safe and secure. Just be there with them for safety purposes and don’t ever depend on a floating device to protect them completely.

Foldable Wagon

Our Foldable Wagon was a game changer for going to the beach. We could load everything in there and just make one trip from the car.

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Girls Beach Cover Up 

Having a Girls Beach Cover Up makes getting the kids dressed for the beach a breeze. The girls just slip this on, and it goes right over their swimsuits.

Inflatable Beach Balls

Pack up the Inflatable Beach Balls and have fun hitting them back and forth to each other on the beach.

Inflatable Lounger 

Needing to find a comfy way to lounge on the beach? Just take your own Inflatable Lounger and relax! Easy to set up and deflate.

Kid Sun Hats

Kid Sun Hats are just good to have on hand to protect their adorable little heads from those hot rays!

Lightweight Body Board

Have some adventurers in the family? Grab a few of these Lightweight Body Boards and have a blast!

Lightweight Packable Backpack 

This Lightweight Packable Backpack is a super simple way to take all the goodies onto the beach

Lunch Bag 

Pack the Lunch Bag and head to the beach! Fill it full of snacks and other tasty treats.

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Pop Up Sun Shelter 

Pop Up Sun Shelter is great because it’s a way to take a break and get some shade when that is very limited on the beach. It’s easy to carry, lightweight, and literally just pops up to use.

Ring Toss Game

The beach is always a great place to play games and this Ring Toss Game won’t disappoint.

Sand and Beach Toys

Sand and Beach Toys are a must for young kids! They don’t need anything fancy either…just a few things that they can dig around with.

Swimsuit Diaper

If you have a baby, you’re going to want more than one Swimsuit Diaper for your time at the beach!


A Tarp is great to spread out under your beach pop up or under your beach towels. It gives you much more space for putting all your items so they don’t have to sit in the sand.

Water Shoes 

Water Shoes are never a bad idea. The sand will be hot, the shells will be sharp and just being able to give the kids protection on their feet will save frustrations, too.

Water Resistant Sunscreen Stick 

Don’t forget the sunscreen! This Water Resistant Sunscreen Stick is small and fits in bags easily. You’ll want to reapply a few times depending on how long you’re staying at the beach.

See how many items you can easily pack up for your trip to the beach? It’s better to be prepared and have the items on hand rather than have to cut your beach trip short!

Use what you can and load up as much into your backpack or foldable wagon!


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