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15 Books Like Harry Potter

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Is your child a huge fan of the Harry Potter book series?  If you are looking for a new series to capture your kid’s attention in a similar way, look no further.  Here we have found 15 books like Harry Potter that are sure to engage your child.

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100 Dresses

100 Dresses is a great series for young readers.  Follow Darling Dimple on her adventures in an enchanted castle to a closet filled with dresses that no one wears.   Once she tries them on, she realizes that the dresses transform and disguise her into other people, which she will definitely need on her escapades.  Books in the 100 Dresses series include If the Magic Fits, Ghost of a Chance, and The Starlight Slippers.

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 8 years plus

Dragon Keeper Series

The series, Dragon Keepers, is a great introduction to young readers in fantasy and science fiction books.  The series starts off with A Dragon in the Sock Drawer where a wish comes true for a set of cousins who watch an egg hatch and out pops a tiny dragon!  After searching the internet and scouring the library for what to feed baby dragons, they also discover the hatching has caused them to be Dragon Keepers.  This means they must keep their baby dragon safe from the evil villain who is after its blood.   Other books in this series include The Dragon in the Driveway, The Dragon in the Library, The Dragon in the Volcano, The Dragon in the Sea, and The Dragon at the North Pole.

Number of books in series: 6
Suitable age for: 6 years plus

Epic Series of Failures

Similar to Harry Potter, the main character of Epic Series of Failures, Greg does not realize his true identity until later on.  He is a dwarf whose magic was awakened as well as the dwarfs that live beneath a major US City for centuries.  With a war brewing between the dwarfs and the elves, Greg must go on the adventure of his life and come out of the ordinary shell he is used to.  This series will take readers into a magical new world they never knew existed.  The books in this series include The Legend of Greg, The Curse of Greg, and The Rise of Greg.

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 8 years plus

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The Inkworld Series, including the first novel, Inkheart, follows a father daughter duo who are book lovers at heart.  After a nightly visit by a mysterious guest, the two must leave their home, bringing with them a magical book that could prove dangerous.  This book, if read aloud, brings the fictional characters from the stories inside into the real world.  Adventure ensues as the duo must get the characters back into the book where they belong or they face dreadful consequences.  Other titles in the series are Inkspell and Inkdeath.

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 9 years plus

Kane Chronicles

Starting with the book The Red Pyramid, the Kane Chronicles begins with an Egyptologist reuniting his kids at the British Museum for an experiment.  The research experiment goes awry when an Egyptian God is released and banishes the father into oblivion sending the children to run for their lives.  The kids embark on a dangerous journey leading them to learn about the family’s past and their connection to the secret order that dates back to the time of the Pharaohs.  Other books in the series include The Throne of Fire and The Serpent’s Shadow.

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 10 years plus

Kingdom Keepers Series

The Kingdom Keepers is an amazing series for young Disney fans.  The series begins with Disney after Dark, featuring five teens who find themselves up against Disney Villains.  Throughout this thriller, is a high-tech gripping story sure to entertain as the teens must save the park as it is in grave danger of being destroyed by Maleficent and her crew.  This story is perfect for those kids who dream of staying in the park long after it has closed for the evening.  Now is there chance to live out this fantasy, but with a Disney tale that has a dark side.  Other titles in the series include Disney at Dawn, Disney in Shadow, Power Play, Shell Game, Dark Passage, and The Insider.

Number of books in series: 7
Suitable age for: 10 years plus

Land of Stories Series

The Land of Stories series begins when a Grandmother gives her twin grandkids a special fairy tale book.  In the Land of Stories, fairy tales are real and the stories in the book have not quite ended as they have in real life, such as Queen Cinderella is about to become a mom and Red Riding Hood has her own kingdom.  The twins learn very quickly as they end up in the book themselves and realize that trying to get home is not so easy, especially with the Evil Queen against them.  With magic spells, humor, and thrilling quests, the Wishing Spell is an excellent first book in the series of 6.  Other books in the series include The Enchantress Returns, A Grimm Warning, Beyond the Kingdoms, An Authors Odyssey, and Worlds Collide.

Number of books in series: 6
Suitable age for: 8 years plus

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The Lunar Chronicles

The young adult science fiction novels, The Lunar Chronicles,  takes a modern twist on your typical fairytale characters.  With books starring Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rapunzel, this series take place in outer space for a good part of the stories.  With Lunar Gangs fighting on the moon and overthrowing plots to destroy Earth, each book is a blend of fairy tale and science fiction all rolled up into epic stories sure to keep your child interested and wanting more.  Books in this series include Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest, and Winter.

Number of books in series: 5
Suitable age for: 12 years plus

Pennyroyal Academy

Arriving at Pennyroyal Academy as a no name girl in the middle of a World War, she enlists at the Academy where Princesses and Knights are trained for battle against witches and dragons.  Given the name Evie, she must navigate this new world and learn what it truly means to be a real princess.  This story is great for princess and non-princess fans alike.  Perfect for those who love magic, mischief, humor, and adventure.  Other books in this series include The Shadow Cadets of Pennyroyal Academy, and The Warrior Princess of Pennyroyal Academy.  As Reese Witherspoon states, “No one rescues a Pennyroyal princess; they rescue themselves.”

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 9 years plus

Percy Jackson Series

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series follows 12-year-old Percy on the adventure of his life filled with danger and determination.  In the first novel, The Lightening Thief, Percy faces mythological enemies trying to stop him on his quest to catch a thief who has stolen Zeus’s bolt, a weapon of mass destruction.  Other titles in the series include: Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian.

Number of books in series: 5
Suitable age for: 10 years plus

Secrets of the Immortal

This series stars Nicholas Flamel, who briefly appeared in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter.  Secrets of the Immortal is full of magic and mystery, as well as battles of good and evil.  The series begins pondering whether Nicholas really ever died, and as his tomb lays empty, evil forces try to destroy the world using the most powerful book in the world.  Is it Nicholas Flamel who is still protecting it?  Has he discovered the secret to eternal life?  Titles included in this series are The Alchemyst, The Magician, The Sorceress, The Necromancer, The Warlock, and The Enchantress

Number of books in series: 6
Suitable age for: 10 years plus

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Made into a movie, The Spiderwick Chronicles started off as a book series.  The books chronicle three siblings’ epic adventures after moving into the Spiderwick Estate.  Here they are entranced by a world of fairies that they did not know existed.  The kids come across a book that was not meant for mortals and danger ensues.  The series include The Field Guide, The Seeing Stone, Lucinda’s Secret, The Ironwood Tree, and The Wrath of Mulgarath.

Number of books in series: 5
Suitable age for: 8 years plus

A Tale of Magic Series

At the Academy of Magic, things are not at all what they seem.  In The Tale of Magic, fourteen year old Brystal, escapes her oppressive Kingdom she calls home and is saved by a mysterious woman who take her to the Academy of Magic to become a fairy.  After befriending other students there, soon their magical instructor goes missing, sending them off into an adventure putting the fate of the world in their hands and the fate of magic in danger.  The first book, Academy of Magic was an instant New York Times Best Seller and the second book in the series out later this year.

Number of books in series: 2 (The second one will be released October 6, 2020)
Suitable age for: 10 years plus

The Uncommoners

In a world where nothing is what it seems, The Uncommoners is the perfect series for those truly missing Harry Potter and all things Hogwarts.  In the secret underground city of London, lies a place beneath filled with extraordinary magic in everyday objects.  With forces of evil chasing their every move, the kids must race to find the uncommon treasure that will lead them to family secrets that will save them all.  The books in the series include The Crooked Sixpence, The Shadows of Doom, and The Deadly Omens

Number of books in series: 3
Suitable age for: 8 years plus

Worst Witch Series

Follow Mildred Hubble and her adventures full of magic and mischief as she attends Miss Cackles Academy for Witches in the Worst Witch Series.  In the series opener, The Worst Witch in the Sea, Mildred’s cat is deemed unacceptable for a witch.  However, she plans to get her cat back and even bring him along on a class trip.  Other titles in the Worst Witch Series include A Bad Spell for the Worst Witch, The Worst Witch, The Worst Witch Strikes Again, The Worst Witch Saves the Day, The Worst Witch to the Rescue, The Worst Witch and the Wishing Star, and Three Cheers for the Worst Witch.

Number of books in series: 8
Suitable age for: 7 years plus

We hope your kids find another book like Harry Potter that they absolutely love!

Written by Megan Daniels

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