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10 Easy Valentine’s Crafts to Do with Kids

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Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means that it’s craft time. Really Truthfully, it could be Tuesday and if would be craft time. Valentine’s Day just gives me another excuse to do crafts with the kids. Even though I love to do crafts, I am not what I would call particularly crafty so I need easy crafts to do.  Here is a list of 10 easy Valentine’s crafts to do with the kids.

valentines crafts

  1. Use a coffee filter and markers to make this beautiful watercolor heart.valentines arts and crafts

  2. This Valentine’s peacock is too cute for words.valentines day orlando

  3. Make a cute love bug from a paper plate and doilies.

  4. If you have a salad spinner, use it to make cool spin art valentines.orlando valentine's day

  5. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter, glue and beads to create a heart shaped suncatcher.valentine's day crafts

  6. Kids will love this pizza themed Valentine’s craft.

    valentines day crafts

  7. What prince or princess couldn’t use a Valentine’s crown?

    valentine's day orlando

  8. Make marbled Valentines using shaving cream and paint.

    valentines day crafts

  9. Give love with these cute little love bugs.

  10. Create hearts from cardboard and yarn

    valentines day crafts

    Which one of these crafts do you plan to make?


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